Friday, January 30, 2009

Orange Juice.

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom:

"The mushrooms are often consumed orally or smoked. However they can also be taken by drinking the urine of a person that has already taken them orally." ................

Possibly the plant called Soma that was used by the Aryans about 4000 years ago in religious practices and also possibly the hallucinogen that caused the ecstasy in the Rig Veda, Holy Book of Hindu. -Probably the cause of the urine drinking ceremony. A. Muscaria consumed orally is said to cause nausea but traveling through the digestive tract weeds out the toxin that causes the nausea...sooo when the urine is consumed that user does not get nasea.


Greek god. Son of Apollo and a mortal woman. Greek god of healing whose serpent entwined staff is the emblem of modern medicine.

I didnt know that...but I guess that's the point of me typing here, it now isn't it.

So, I made a playlist and limited myself 1 song from each band I felt like putting.


This is a really cool tattoo:

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