Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Life happens pretty quick. Mostly because life happens in a moment. It is the moment. It doesn't really include the past, because those are just memories, and memories are gone; life spent. And it's not the future, because, well, that's never certain and isn't here yet. I do believe, however, that the past counts, how could it not? It molds us into the people that we are in life, in that moment; it doesn't dictate us though, we always have the power to change and to choose and to think freely. And the future counts too, because without it we wouldn't ever have the now, but it isn't something which should be expected.

As humans, we are merely moving breathing matter made of meat and bones who roam around a large rock playing house and making up guidelines and restrictions for ourselves. We allow fear to govern our thoughts which dictate our actions; fear of the unknown, fear of something that doesn't stay the course, fear of change, fear of freedom, and fear of insecurity. We pretend that life can only be lived in a particular order and that this order cannot be tampered with. We allow some other moving breathing balls of meat to make our decisions for us because we believe it's for the best, and we think it's for the best because some other older meatball said so, but for the best of what? We are superior beings in that we hold the power that will most probably eventually destroy all the other balls of meat out there (I'm talking about every other living thing on this planet). It's hard though, because there are a lot of meatballs out there who already know all of this, but those meatballs are called crazies and shunned away. It's hard for any course to change when it depends on so many meatballs.(I really like calling people meatballs.) Especially when there's the pressure of money. Money and pride.

But, it's all in our minds. We have just convinced ourselves of this "reality." But, nothing has to be how it is, not that it's all bad, because it's not. But no one and no thing is stuck. Nothing in life is permanent really. We just have to take ourselves out of that row of dominoes. We just have to think less about ourselves sometimes and more about that big rock that supports us, because it's that big rock that allows us to live each moment, it allows us the life we live.

                         Rock. a really awesome rock full of tiny meatballs.