Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surrounds me and never ending

Well I finally got the images of my color theory final all edited finished and uploaded (thanks to Gbrilla's help :D) (who also took the pictures for me)--which by the way was an interesting night. First we tried to set up this all black background and lights... which ended up being my comforter taped and stuck in and over the door with me standing on a stool. We grabbed everything we could find that was black to put behind me so that we'd get total blackness. Her desk lamp was somehow rigged over head and mine was off to the side with a grocery bag "diffuser" over it. It was interesting. But, what was more interesting is when we took the photoshoot outside...because everyone stopped to look. haha. It actually felt really good for people to stop and be amazed by how long it was. It was niiiiiccceeeee. Then after the documentation shots we some how got the idea for me to jump up...which I think Gabby suggested and got really excited about. I ended up jumping up and spinning around about fifty times. haha.

Our final was basically anything we wanted. or anything we wanted but somehow dealt with a "metaphor of the self."
Sooooo, I did a metaphor of my thoughts-my feelings-my emotions.


Back to what I was saying- I did a metaphor of everything that goes on through my head (which sometimes effects my entire being and body). My mind seems to NEVER stop thinking, analyzing, finding, searching, assuming, etc etc etc. all day. Even when I dream. It just never gets tired. I constructed a "scarf" that wraps around my neck-up above my ears and flows down. It is made up of different sections that flow in and out of each other. Each section deals with a particular emotion-thought-feeling which is expressed through both color and shape/pattern/manipulation of the fabric. I dyed some of my own fabric.... which is totally amazing to do (even though I kind of wrecked Kris's kitchen..sorryyyy) ((but I cleaned it after :D) I also made a loom to weave the bits that are weaved.. which was also awesome. I find that the process of weaving to be very therapeutic. uhhhhm
and thats that.
and here are some of the pictures. (I also learned how to put a panorama together on photoshop...Mr. PSD and I got pretty acquainted this weekend.)


Okay, so it looked WAY better before uploaded on the the internet. D: stupid conversions.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A thought, a thought.

I've noticed, thanks to my playlist here, that when things get familiar they become less interesting... to an extent. Yes, this is an old concept and I've heard it before...buuuut things make a lot more sense when it actually happens to you. And even though this has happened to me before in the past with various things, it just happened again, and made me really realize it.

I feel like explaining:: When I create a new playlist, when I come across new music, or when I take a particular interest in a song or band, I go off to this place in my mind- I create this comfortable enviornment and it makes me feel good (even if its not feel good music). It just takes me to the place that I want to be. But, because it is a place that I like to be in, I tend to try to visit it very often...and thus it becomes worn out and uncomfortable....and very unfortunate.

This can totally relate to anything and everything in life. When I discovered the greatness of tomato soup and cheese... I ate it EVERY DAY. And eventually... it just lost it for me. Come to think about it...I wear out everything. damnit.

Moderation is key. That's always something good to live by.

But, let's think about it in the opposing light. Sure, things that meet with any of the senses over and over and too often again, will most probably become totally uninteresting or even eventually disliked. But, what if this mostly only occurs because once you've heard, seen, felt, tasted etc something so many times...You've already gone through the discovering phases, the surprising and interesting phases, the enjoyable phases, the relaxed and comfortable phases...and you just eventually come to the numb and normal phase until finally you come to the dislike phase. But, what if you could some how force yourself to not become comfortable and normal and numb to it. What if you somehow force yourself to keep exploring this thing, whatever it may be. You don't let it rest and relax. Then you would discover SO MANY more things about this thing...which would lead to this other thing...and another...

You could take this thing and put it in a different context. Look, taste, feel, hear, see: this thing upside down, outside, inside, under something, over something. Position yourself differently while you experience this thing. All these different environments may effect your perception of this thing.

You could tear this thing apart- analyze its every characteristic- mix and mach and switch its every element-then put it all back together again.

Bring other elements in while experiencing this thing!

Experience this thing at different times of the day! Is it different at 3am from 3pm.

ahhh I'm getting way to excited about this.

I should learn to practice what I preach.

on another note:

I lost my toe nail last night thanks to my grace and elegance in manual-transportation.
That brown discoloration is from a blood clot- not from gross lack of hygiene. Although, I have that as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So a friend of mine, an architecture student, came to my room needing to borrow my computer. Even though what he needed ended up failing, we ended up getting into a mini discussion about architecture. Now, I've never been very interested in architecture much. I actually fail at perspective for the most part. (you'll notice that my every piece has a flat or relatively flat back ground) But what he showed me...makes me very interested. The forms of some of these buildings are just beautiful. I'm especially interested in the forms and how they interact in their environment. I'm pretty excited to eventually research more and get inspiration from these structures and potentially finally learn to USE PERSPECTIVE in my pieces...because it'd be nice to be an artist who has a moderate to good sense of space. hmm

Mountain Dwellings - Copenhagen, Denmark




Habitat 67 - Montreal




56 Leonard Street New York, NY (in progress)

56 Leonard Street from david basulto on Vimeo.

(3d model)

South View

Northwest View (I really really really like this view)

Also, looking at these reminded me of a former teacher of mine, Mr. Kieth Perelli. He's an ASTOUNDING artist. Oh my gooooddneeeessss he has an amazing knack for space, placement, color, composition, theme, DETAIL, rendering. He's just... the poo.

Everyyyoneeee should go look at his work. Because, it'll definitely make you not believe it's even real... oh but it is, and its great.

Here is the piece that I was initially reminded of::

Radial Arc 6'x8'-2006





And Gabby and I went Skiiiiiinnnnggggg last weekend in Boon, North Carolinaaaaa.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good

Pause playlist. Play video.

So I have these shoes right. And well, everyone basically hates them- but me, because I love them. My mom especially abhors them. She told me that if I brought them to college that they'd make Gbrilla not want to be my roommate because I'd smell her out of the room. (although, that would never happen because Gbrilla is the girl that takes pictures of huge turds in the women's bathroom toilet...then again, it was quite monumental) ANYWAY... my mom says that she wants to get my shoes bronzed and framed. But, I just CAN'T seem to part from them. I thought maybe it was going to happen this winter. I hadn't been wearing them...but then...yesterday.... I spotted them in the mix of shoes I never wear and oh how they shined. They were calling out to me "jaaamiiieeeeee, we're beautiful and you loooveee us" and I thought "your riiiiighttt" and so I slipped them on my feet and magically peace spread all over the world, a cure for AIDs was discovered, and I stopped biting my fingernails (bc that will never happen) actually I just went about my day thrilled about the look of my feet.

These shoes, you will all come to find, are quite disgusting. I've gone through about 5 different walmart soles, I cannot wear them when it rains because there are holes in the bottom and sides and when they get wet they dry really hard. They don't actually "fit" on my foot...they just kind of hang out around the front top of my foot. It's a gross kind of love.

Maybe I'll find an semi-adequate substitute one day.
Maybe I'll start looking.

oh shoesies how we've been through so much together.
I love thee.




p.s. I know I'll get a foot disease, but at least we'll be together.

p.s.s. I just ran across this video.

You should watch it, and sign the petition.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Like sand through the hourglass....

Every thing a person does in life counts. Every decision or indecision will have an effect. Indecision is just the decision to not decide.

I've learned a lot over the past few weeks. Not necessarily book facts, but life ..facts.

-There is no need to be intimidated or nervous to go to a new place. They will not eat you. (hopefully)
-Any new place visited or person met will be a learning experience, no matter what. So, do it.
-There is no need to stress over a project. It will only make the process more strenuous. So, no matter how difficult or tedious, make the best of it, and the time will go along much more smoothly and faster.
-Assumptions are never good.
-Don't 'beat around the bush'- say what you mean and mean what you say.
-Don't be continuously indecisive about something. Nothing needs to be analyzed to death.
-Leave "what if's" alone. They are no good, because you will never know. period.
-It's better to take a chance and fail, than to not take a chance and regret it.

I know these things, I'm still working on putting them in proper effect.

I read the Myth of Sisyphus analyzed by Albert Camus a while back and recently watched a youtube video of a guy analyzing Camus.

Myth of Sisyphys : Albert Camus

its one of 4 videos btw.

While looking up just the basic myth of Sisyphus I found a couple of different versions of who he was.

For sure, he was the founder of Corinth.

Some say he was a vicious trickster who did dirty deeds. Some say he was just very cunning. At one point he was sent for by the god of the underworld, Hades, who brought with him handcuffs. Because he didn't want to...die, Sisyphus convinced Hades to demonstrate how the handcuffs worked on himself. Sisyphus locked Hades in his closet for a number of days and during this time, no one in the world could die. Soldiers were getting cut to pieces in battle, but were not dieing. Finally Hades was released and Sisyphus was sent for again. Sisyphus instructed his wife not to put a coin under his tongue as to get across the River Styx. Sisyphus persuaded Persephone, Queen of the Dead, to let him go back to earth to set things right with his wife. Persephone allowed him and instead of tending to his funeral dealings, he lived another few years on the earth.

Now, what Sisyphus is best known for is that he is the mortal that was condemned by the gods to roll a huge bolder up a mountain only to watch it fall back down, and roll it back up again, for all of eternity. He was forever condemned this "futile and hopeless labor"

I'm guessing what happened next happened while he was allowed to be on earth by Persephone, but I'm not sure. Zeus kidnapped Egina, the daughter of Esopus, and carried her of to Jupiter. Esopus went to Sisyphus with this news, and because Sisyphus knew the about the kidnapping, he traded this knowledge with Esopus on the condition that he fill the citadel of Cornith with water. Because Sisyphus gave away the secret of a god, he was condemned to that daunting task.

The whole point of my bringing all of this up is that Camus talks about the meaning of life.

"If this myth is tragic, that is because its hero is conscious. Where would his torture be, indeed, if at every step the hope of succeeding upheld him? The workman of today works everyday in his life at the same tasks, and his fate is no less absurd. But it is tragic only at the rare moments when it becomes conscious."

Basically.. I guess...If you go through life, thinking about life, and what is to become of you and why, without just living life, who are kind of doomed for misery. But, if you go through life with the best of intentions, and with some kind of goal for being happy and even doing miserable tasks with some kind of ...good outlook... then you will live a more pleasant life.

The meaning of life... is life itself. Does it really matter what is to come of us in the end? Because we don't know, why is that what people think of and dread so much? Instead, people should just worry about the moment, what is happening now... and live, because we have that, and we know that, and we are that.

Some of that was my own words, some of it was me remembering what the youtube man said about Camus's writings.

It's very possible that I come back to Sisyphus in a later entry. I just wanted to mention it.