Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Earl Grey

mmm Earl Grey tea.

So on my long and strenuous trek Eastward to Savannah, I decided to take the advice of a dear friend and write a poem. It's an epic poem documenting my journey through life and Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Dim lighting effect.

ah ehm

Corn On The Cob.


I'm driving: fog.
I may post this on my blog.

Thinking: I never know.
I should probably slow.

McDonalds was eaten,
My stomach's taken a beaten.

Redbull ingested,
Caffeine infested.

New Orleans: Directions misunderstood.
Found myself in the hood.

Dump truck I see.
School mascot is a bee.

Gotta poo.
Not wearin' a single shoe.

Punch-bug white.
I wanna fly a kite.

This poem's scheme is monotonous.
I thought about being a botanist.

I need a job.
Corn on the cob.

*finger snaps*

Plus a new addition to the dorm roooooooom!



  1. HAHAHA! Your poem is rediculously funny.

    "This poem's scheme is monotonous.
    I thought about being a botanist."

    ^^^ Best line simply because of word choice. :D And nice addition to the dorm martha stewart.