Friday, June 26, 2009


The mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. (moon)

Lets start from the beginning. Well, not the beginning because that's really far back. Gabby. Gabby has a cool camera. Jamie. Jamie likes Gabby's cool camera because Gabby takes cool pictures with it. Jamie buys camera in hopes that despite the fact that she KNOWS its the person operating the camera and not the camera itself that makes a good picture...that somehow she can prove this fact false. Jamie is determined to take a cool picture of the moon.

Tonight. Jamie succeeds! woop. The cool thing about this is... I was just talking about the moon earlier today.

First. I heard on the radio the other day that there was a rocket sent to the moon! It is carrying 2 robotic space crafts to map and record the surface of the moon for future human landings!!!!! and to search for water!

"Now LRO begins its primary mission of mapping the lunar surface to find future landing sites and searching for resources that would make possible a permanent human presence on the moon. Over the next several days, LRO's instruments will be turned on and its final orbit around the moon will be reached."


Second...which happened before First actually but I mentioned it today which my mentioning happened after First.. so therefore it is second.... Alex informed me that the moon rises and sets. That explains why the moon looks so freakishly (yet wonderfully and beautifully) large and yellow/orange in the beginning of the night when it is Full. That's what I brought up today.

Thiiiird. I took a successful picture of the waxing crescent tonight!

So, now that you have the explanation for this post. Let us get on with the post.

Speaking of waxing...

phases of the moon.

new moon. waxing crescent. first quarter. waxing gibbous. full. waning gibbous. last quarter. waning crescent.

so from the new moon... you wax your car. then it effin wanes. bastard.

anyway. The moon. It's the fifth largest moon in our solar system and the largest moon relative to the planet. I am, by the way, looking at websites for kids which explains things in dumby terms so that I understand it.. and they repeat things in every paragraph. I wasn't particularly interested in the fact that to moon is the fifth largest moon in our solar system.... but because I read it so many times.. Now its stuck there. you know.

I also learned that a way to easily tell if the moon is getting larger or bigger when its a crescent.. is to see if it looks like the letter "C." If it's a "C" then its "Collapsing" and getting smaller.


If I were a guy, my sperm count would be getting lowered because this laptop is really hot on my..lap. But I'm not. so it's not.

The moon takes 27 days to go around the earth once. So that means that its full only about 13 times in a year. If I live till I'm 80 I'll will have gotten to see the full moon about 1040 times.... but I've already missed 268 Full moons (well, not including the ones that I've actually seen..) but that means that I only have 771 full moons left..if I live till 80. hmm

"If you check on the Moon several times during one night, you will notice that it moves relative to the stars around it." hmm

"Have you ever heard the term the 'far-side' (ehhemmm the dark side) of the Moon? The Earth's gravity produces tidal forces on the Moon. This causes the same side of the moon to always face the Earth. People living on the Earth can never see the 'far-side' of the Moon, unless they go there! Tidal forces cause many of the moons of our solar system to always face their planets."

"Most of the tidal effects seen on the Earth are caused by the Moon's gravitational pull, with the Sun making a somewhat smaller contribution. Tidal drag slows the Earth's rotation by about 0.002 seconds per day per century." wooah.

Why is the moon in a different position every night?

that link brings you to a more detailed answer. But, it basically says that it is because the moon is always moving...unlike the stars which a pretty much stationary. So the moon's motion has two parts to it. It looks like it's moving around the earth once per day along with everything else, but in addition to that it is actually moving around the earth once per month. That is what makes it move to a different place on the sky.

But what's really really interesting is that "It is even possible to watch the moon move, if you are patient enough. If you carefully keep track of the moon and a nearby star for an hour or so, you should be able to see the distance between them change!"

WOW! I definitely want to do that.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the bird. is. the word.


I went to Mississippi for a weekend with my beloved Ambyerno and family.
fun fun funNY.

Seriously. She and I can be put in a white room with 4 walls and find SOMETHING funny to entertain ourselves with. I mean.... we laugh at ourselves laughing. so. ya know.


Here are some pictures. OH! by the way. We went for a car show. I only have one car picture.
Which by the way.. is dedicated to Gbrillaaaaa!


Besides the cars.
We went to the beaaaaaachhhhhhh!

Speaking of Mississippi... are we the only people (that being me and Amber..that I know of) who learned how to spell Mississippi like so:

"M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, hump back, hump back, I."


Hermit crabs.



Sand crabs.




Really awesome looking abandoned oyster shell/barnacle clumps.




Our theme song for the weekend. it was pretty great and annoying to those who are not us.


The sand boob Amber made. She want's it known that this astounding piece of beautiful sculpture was done with eyes closed.

this picture is unavailable because photobucket is being stupid. ...and I don't know how to turn underline off. thankyou www

Amber and Jamie.


The more attractive side of Amber and Jamie.


Lessons learned:

Green beans look like green smiles and tasted like broccoli and Amber wouldnt even try one

If your going to dance to YMCA standing above seated people wearing a short skirt...wear shorts.

There are areas at the bottom of the gulf that feel like poop and are not to nice to step on.

Amber and I would drown if faced with the option of swimming or drowning. We would obviously drown.

It's a work out to crawl back to shore in the water on your arms..because as you get closer the less the water supports your body weight. We now have big guns.

It's hot outside.

Ants bite.

The sun burns.

Cold showers are good after the sun burns.

so is aircondition.

and other stuff.

Friday, June 12, 2009

got ma hurr cut.

Continuing with the idea that the surroundings that I have been immersed in all of my life are becoming more noticeably wonderful... I went take a short walk on/in back of the levee today. I use to do this last summer before I went to SCAD. I would walk with my headphones on, sweat, and think. But today I didn't do any of that. No, I didn't even partake in my obsessive thinking so much. I just walked and observed and marveled and listened...and took pictures. There were alooot of birds making alot of birdy noises. It was really awesome. I took some video but it SUCKS. (i need gbrilla's dp expertise. ..or I mean. Learn how to not suck just a little bit on my own) anyway. It was very peaceful and very nice and I enjoyed myself very much. Soon. I shall visit the cows. :D :D :D :D :D

OH and. I was reminded by a friends blog that I noticed something I thought was really cool while driving to New Orleans.

"Summer time and the livin's easy"

What song is that from?
Well, some of you might say "oh, that's Sublime-Doin Time"
BUT. how many of you would say "man, that's Janis Joplin-Summertime"

okay I couldn't find the regular version of this song. but yeah.

Okay, maybe you don't think it's as interesting as I do.
So be it.








This is what happens when the tide rises and then goes away again. yay white-ish sandy dirt film!


Oyster shells. I found one with barnacles on it and one of them still had the lizzard-mouth man inside! but.. :( he was dead.


byyyyy the wayyyyy

I still really want one of these
Look, hims cryin' because he wants me too :(

this post has nothing to do with my hair.
though, it does end with something that I want that is absent of hair. ...So maybe the title does make sense... hmmmmmmm

Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh. man.


Yes, yes I know. Spiders again.
But, how can I NOT inform people of these....these...creatures of God. That are are not hated.. that are...less appreciated.. by me. SPECIALLY when they are out to get me! I say not hated because I don't really hate many things... I mean. I appreciate them sort of... they can look pretty. sometimes... all majestic looking..sort of... but... when they can get at me...oh no. not cool. nooot coool.


I must tell this that you understand.

Today, minding our own business, Fleenis and I were leaving a magical Starbucks location with our yummy frappuccinos (yes, i am weak) and what do you suppose I saw crawling across my windshield! None other of them...... At first I was a bit startled, then a little fascinated, i thought of killing ,but NO, I did not want to resort to....THAT. I figured "maybe the wind will take him." but I was wrong, it did not, instead he decided to wander down south to my hood...which can lead to the inside of my car! I just know it. And..on a shameful impulse I turned on my windshield wipers...Spider goo is hard to get off of windows.

But that was only the first attempt at my assassination. THEN as we were driving home... while I was on the interstate. ANOTHER spider magically appeared on my door. and he was WHITE. ljdf;akljdsflj At the sight of him, he scurried, and while driving, i swerved...on impulse. (not cool, don't do it) and I tried to smoosh him (again, shameful) but HE GOT AWAY. So, I was then paranoid...not fun. and then, as I glanced down, just to check my surroundings... there he was........I had no other choice but to karate chop him.

I'm sorry.
I had no choice. but NOW they'll ALL be after me.
Not cool. If I ever know why.

No fear, for there is something that can deter my mind from the thought of those..spiders.


*makes same face* I want him so bad. SOOOOO CUTTTEEEEE

and really cool really moldy cheese.

but mostly just the sphynx.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After being away from Louisiana for about 4 months and then returning, I've come to realize how unique the landscape is here...cane fields, cypress tree-pine tree-magnolia tree-milkball tree-etc. forests, more cane fields, dirt-not sand, tobacco fields, even more cane fields, the levee, the random HUGE trees, river road, fricken....mosquitoes..bastards..., the rivers, more cane fields.... then you have the many plants. Plants as in factories not as in nature. I pass by at least one every time I get in my car and I can't help but to stare at the worn down polluted metal labyrinths and think that they are...beautiful. I don't know if I can explain it...but...I just think that they are.

I feel as though I'm able to appreciate things more, I notice things more, I like things more.

I've been eating many a butterscotch candy.


These are not exactly what I'm talking about when I say metal labyrinths. at all. but I still like them.

I went to Mandaville to visit Juuliaaaaaah last weekend. We did a lot of changing scenery and doing basically a wonderful nothing. BUT we also went down a nature trail. Very fascinating. Very beautiful. Very entertaining.









Mr. Robber Fly. He was trying to capture a dragonfly as we passed them by..but failed. Julia pointed him out to me. He actually kinda looks like a smaller version of a dragonfly. Maybe he has the Napoleon Complex...that's why he eats dragonflies. I also read that he has 3 eyes and mustache like bristles on his face to protect him when he encounters a prey. A mustache that is used as a defense mechanism. That's funny. Maybe that's what mines for.........................




Eyed Click Beetle. He was hanging out on a stump. Apparently he's one of those that snaps his body when he gets attacked or scared..which then launches him into the air away from danger... presumably. Reminds me of the time a smaller click beetle flew at my hands --which caused me to throw my phone down the cemented side of the levee.... thanks guys.

Larvae maps?



a wee bit special.

hmmm also..


He wandered into our back yard...and was getting attacked by my dog. I saved him and put him in a bucket for a while until I realized that I could set him free in the ditch. It must have been where he came from because as I was holding him and got closer to the ditch he began to peak his head out...then when I got nearer to the water he sprouted and started to wiggle and scratch at me then shot into the water. yay! :)

Battle of the skiiieeeeess: