Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spiders.............and afros.

I hate banana spiders.
Well, I'm no fan of any spider actually, but there is just something about those big black, white, and yellow long legged arthropods that dwell ...I'd insert where they dwell, but that doesn't matter, its just the fact that they do..live.
okay okay okay, every creature has a right to live.
but. i mean.

Okay, back to my point. Over the past year or so I have developed this...thing to where I, for some unknown reason, get on google and image search spiders of all kind, and freak out over them. I torture myself and freak out when I see a really devastating spider... and oh... I've seen some.
I'd post those pictures, but that would mean that every time I come to my blog I'd see them..and that's just not cool.
wolf spiders....................... ah ah.
jumper spiders are cute though :)

I'm off subject again.
I had to make a post card in photoshop for my computer art class.
I wanted to do something that represented me....So after I got passed all of the typical ideas of landscapes and portraits and objects... I magically came up with this one as I was falling asleep.


I'm not COMPLETELY happy with my end product. I had to finish it by the end of class which did not allow me enough time to sit and stare at it. I feel like it should either be more concentrated in the bottom left (as its leaning towards left now) or not as much, because right now the composition is a little awkward. it needs something..Maybe I'll fix it later.
I have a back also, and want to get them printed to actually send them out.


You just don't understand how many banana spiders I had to look through.
Some people are BRAVE.
even though I did learn that, like all spiders, banana spiders may bite and do have venom, but the North American banana spiders are not deadly. Their venom is similar to that of a black widdow but less potent.

BUT, there is a South American banana spider that is VERY aggressive (in most pictures of him he is facing the camera with his front 4 feet reared up. It's scary..unless you look at it as he's trying to give you high 4..or he's doing the arm sway to "hey, hooo".....
But he's DEADLY.
So don't get distracted by that if you see him in real life..because maybe that's his distracting mechanism...and...just as you thinking "well maybe he's...." he POUNCES and.. your gone.. I'm sorry. You should have just run, run far away.. like Simba from the Lion King.

He's also called the wandering spider bc he meanders around the jungle floor and in logs and BANANA plants and other dark damp places..instead of occupying a web.


Okay..so the North American banana spider is categorized as a Golden Silk Orb Weaver (bc they weave pretty silk webs) But they don't all look like the above initial..scary piece of poo.. they can look like this too:

which also isn't very nice looking....


Okay, enough with the spider lesson.

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