Monday, April 6, 2009

“ I never fall apart because I never fall together ” Andy Warhol

I decided that I should post a new blog. I decided that a good way to find something to say was by using the stumble tool on firefox...since it usually gives me pretty interesting results. First I got a website that was just a compilation of facts... like:

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards.
...i guess everything, every object, anything in existence, has some sort of hate club. Somebody hates it. like toothbrushes, or fingernails, or lint, or dust mops. I mean, who could be afraid of fuzzy bunnies or giggling babies?

It is illegal to be a prostitute in Siena, Italy, if your name is Mary.

The warriors tribes of Ethiopia used to hang the testicles of those they killed in battle on the ends of their spears.

It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.
...I would have a life sentence.

Urine was once used to wash clothes.

Then I found myself on a quote/picture site which then got me thinking... Most profound thought or deep meaningful ideas come from people who fail and are depressed, or are reflecting on their depression. I think even if it's not completely evident in the quote itself, it is true. Who really stops to reflect and think about their life when they are happy-when they have no worries-when life is perfect... You really begin to learn and realize things when you bubble is burst and you are slammed back to earth. Then again, some quotes are not like this at all...

"because sometimes it’s easier to say, “i hate you,” than “i miss you, i wish we didn’t fight; i wish you would call me sometimes.” because sometimes, it’s easier to think, screw life, screw school, screw everything, than admit that you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re drowning. because sometimes, it’s easier to admit the simple things than say the hard things and realise how much you’ve been struggling, and how much you feel as if life has gone out of your control" -crazybeautiful

“ We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly… spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order. ” — Susan Taylor

"You don’t necessarily have to write to be a poet. Some people work in gas stations and they’re poets. I don’t call myself a poet because I don’t like the word. I’m a trapeze artist."
— Bob Dylan

This talk about quotes then made me think of what I found while researching the ouroboros (what Amber and I plan to get a tattoo of)

"Time and change are integral to who we are...The passing of time has death and loss woven into it; each new moment kills the one before it and its own death is implied by the moment that comes after...There is no way to exist in the world of change without accepting loss.. all things that give life joy and meaning are based on time passing, on change, and on the loss of an infinitude of moments passing through us and then behind us. Without loss and death we don't get to have existence...[without it] the alternate would be frozen, a single frame of film, with nothing to precede it and nohting to come after it..." Greta Christina

oh life.
My attempt to drink real coffee this morning was ambushed by the surprising taste of peroxide. :(

I'm procrastinating.

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