Tuesday, April 28, 2009


DUNG BEETLE!...or triceratops?

Me and Patrick went hiking once and saw one of these crossing the trail. He had with him a turd. It was cute. I had it on video..but...vista "updated" (aka crashed my computer) and I lost everything. BUT that dung beetle didn't look like this one..because this one LOOKS LIKE A TRICERATOPS!!!!


I don't think this one is the same kind of beetle as the top two.. but he looks like a triceratops too..so... yeah, here he is. :) I think he might be a type of stag beetle.


So, I think he might be my favorite beetle... even though there are about 9340958203948039485 trillion species of beetles. Fun fact: they have the largest number of known species. ...and I don't know all of the beetles out there.. but I mean... this one looks like a dinosaur.

and I found out something else that's pretty interesting:

In the ancient Egypt the "dung beetles", such as this one, used to be adored by the people because they have the "power of creating life from dung and mud". The old Egyptians saw how the dung beetle buried the dung in the soil and few weeks after small beetles were born in the same place, giving the illusion of creating life from dung and mud.

Giraffe Weevil!



They are sexual dimorphic. I just learned that that means that there is a visual difference in form-shape-size-color-presence or absence of parts...etc. between male and female.

yay humans are sexual dimorphic!

but more importantly....so is the giraffe weevil.

The neck of the male weevil is longer than that of the female. hmm.
the neck is an ADAPTATION for nest building.
hmmm i find it interesting that its an adaptation.

That's like what I read about whales.
I had this book once that said that whales came from furry land creatures who ate out of the ocean and eventually they'd venture further and further in..and ..then you get whales.

anyway. when the female weevil is "pregnant" the male will roll up a leaf for the female to lay a SINGLE egg in it. That's sweet. Some human males should probably learn from the giraffe weevil.



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