Thursday, April 23, 2009

la tea dah

Yerba Mate. mmmmmmm

It's like tea...and coffee... but has NO caffiiene... but has another natural non addictive-crash proof stimulant...and its HEALTHYYYYYY.


It's grown and harvested in the jungles of some South American countries (same place as the wandering banana
It comes from a tree that grows about 15 meters tall..the tree is in the holly family. Made from the leaves of this tree (like tea).

(i'm trying to remember everything I read, I'm to lazy to go back and look it up again)

Anyway. It's pronounced Yer-bah-ma-tey

And its REALLY popular in S. America (as much as coffee) and is traditionally drank from a mate.
Which, from my understanding, is some kind of (wooden) cup like thing with a metal strainer like put the loose yerba mate in some stuff.. add hot water. drink (although you only get like 2 sips) then put more water.. etc.

It's done as a ritual also. Groups of people..friends family.. will participate in yerba mate drinking. all passing the mate etc etc etc. it shows trust and unity and community within a group of people. spiritual if you will...

I found out about it from the 12 Tribes...(nicademis.....) a group of people that live here in Savannah.
But I don't drink it "traditionally." I buy it in ..tea bags. and ..use Mr. Coffee to heat water.. Why am I talking about this?

Anyway. If you like tea. You should definitely try it.

thats the brand I drink.

and you can check out this video. This guy tells you what I just told you..but in a better-more informed way.

I mentioned this because I wanted to post these pictures of yerba mate. Its SO GREEN!!!!

Kent's cup of "new" yerba mate... and Jamie's cup of mate that has been sitting there all afternoon. (it still tastes good though) (shut up, its not gross. go away) (and my cup is tea stained..its not dirty)

Okay now this one might be a little gross (to you, not to me)

I think its beautiful. I tend to keep my tea bag in the cup until the next morning...and clean it out before I start a new days worth of tea drinking. because I'm lazy I guess. This morning I found this... the tea bag and string stuck to the cup and when i pulled it off it made this beautiful spikey pattern. and that green is just gorgeous!

I also made Mr. Awesome (Gbrilla's hard drive) a home this week. :D


P.S. anti gravity - incubus ---makes me happy

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