Monday, March 14, 2011

solving problems.

So there's this talk about biological pest control right. There's a company that harvests predators of pests and sells them to farmers and people with bug problems so that the predators can consume or use these pests as hosts. This gets rid of the pest problem without using chemicals.
Here, this is a ted talk about it. I also created some repeat patterns in cad based on this article. But that's not my point.
Here's an aphid after visited by a parasitic wasp.

There's also this other biological pest control using entomopathogenic fungi. This fungi is a parasite to insects and does all sorts of crazy things.

Here, is another ted talk that mentions this at some point.
This is an aphid after visited by an entomopathogenic fungi.

This is what an aphid is suppose to look like, by the way.

But a lot of people seem to think that this whole thing is creepy. Using bugs and fungi, natural enemies of other bugs, as a pest control rather than gross disgusting chemicals that can cause major health problems and damages the nutrients, health, and taste of the fruits and vegetables we consume and count on for survival, is creepy.

So, I've come up with a better, less creepy solution.

Farmers and people with pest problems SHOULD BUY AN ANTEATER.

I mean, look at this guy. Who wouldn't want one of these? He can consume up to 30,000 insects daily! That's a lot! Get a few of these on your farm to roam around and your golden! Plus, it's not like you have to keep buying a new anteater annually, this guy doesn't run out for at least a few years then they have babies! This is such a great idea.

He can also help sweep the kitchen.

AND this is an "aphid" after being visited by an anteater.

What a great return. That's going to make some rich soil for future crops.


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