Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Has your mom sent you cacti lately?

Walking is better than riding your bike, and biking is better than driving. The experience is richer (is richer a word?) and it feels better in all ways. Just sayin.

Also, I had been expecting mail from my mom for a few days now. I walked into the room to find 2 packages sitting on my desk after I got back from class. (actually, right after class I walked to Gallery and got a chai latte and blackberry scone, walked through the park, and enjoyed the oral and podial orgasms. it was amaaazing)

But anyway. As I started opening the first package, dirt was falling everywhere. The package was sort of beat up so at first I figured some dirt just got into the package paper and box in transit.


But then I found this.

My mom is somethin else. I need to remember to do things like this for my kids if ever that happens.


She sent me a few Pauls! Paul is my brother, but also a cactus that my mom is growing. He's named after my brother.


You see I brought some Paul to Savannah from home a few months ago. He was in a pot with Douglas, my English Ivy.


But, Paul expired.


So my mom sent me more Pauls!


And pigs and an owl!

I love her.

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