Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh. man.


Yes, yes I know. Spiders again.
But, how can I NOT inform people of these....these...creatures of God. That are are not hated.. that are...less appreciated.. by me. SPECIALLY when they are out to get me! I say not hated because I don't really hate many things... I mean. I appreciate them sort of... they can look pretty. sometimes... all majestic looking..sort of... but... when they can get at me...oh no. not cool. nooot coool.


I must tell this that you understand.

Today, minding our own business, Fleenis and I were leaving a magical Starbucks location with our yummy frappuccinos (yes, i am weak) and what do you suppose I saw crawling across my windshield! None other of them...... At first I was a bit startled, then a little fascinated, i thought of killing ,but NO, I did not want to resort to....THAT. I figured "maybe the wind will take him." but I was wrong, it did not, instead he decided to wander down south to my hood...which can lead to the inside of my car! I just know it. And..on a shameful impulse I turned on my windshield wipers...Spider goo is hard to get off of windows.

But that was only the first attempt at my assassination. THEN as we were driving home... while I was on the interstate. ANOTHER spider magically appeared on my door. and he was WHITE. ljdf;akljdsflj At the sight of him, he scurried, and while driving, i swerved...on impulse. (not cool, don't do it) and I tried to smoosh him (again, shameful) but HE GOT AWAY. So, I was then paranoid...not fun. and then, as I glanced down, just to check my surroundings... there he was........I had no other choice but to karate chop him.

I'm sorry.
I had no choice. but NOW they'll ALL be after me.
Not cool. If I ever know why.

No fear, for there is something that can deter my mind from the thought of those..spiders.


*makes same face* I want him so bad. SOOOOO CUTTTEEEEE

and really cool really moldy cheese.

but mostly just the sphynx.


  1. That cat is looking at you in disbelief of your murderous ways. Go eat more spiders in your sleep <3