Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A thought, a thought.

I've noticed, thanks to my playlist here, that when things get familiar they become less interesting... to an extent. Yes, this is an old concept and I've heard it before...buuuut things make a lot more sense when it actually happens to you. And even though this has happened to me before in the past with various things, it just happened again, and made me really realize it.

I feel like explaining:: When I create a new playlist, when I come across new music, or when I take a particular interest in a song or band, I go off to this place in my mind- I create this comfortable enviornment and it makes me feel good (even if its not feel good music). It just takes me to the place that I want to be. But, because it is a place that I like to be in, I tend to try to visit it very often...and thus it becomes worn out and uncomfortable....and very unfortunate.

This can totally relate to anything and everything in life. When I discovered the greatness of tomato soup and cheese... I ate it EVERY DAY. And eventually... it just lost it for me. Come to think about it...I wear out everything. damnit.

Moderation is key. That's always something good to live by.

But, let's think about it in the opposing light. Sure, things that meet with any of the senses over and over and too often again, will most probably become totally uninteresting or even eventually disliked. But, what if this mostly only occurs because once you've heard, seen, felt, tasted etc something so many times...You've already gone through the discovering phases, the surprising and interesting phases, the enjoyable phases, the relaxed and comfortable phases...and you just eventually come to the numb and normal phase until finally you come to the dislike phase. But, what if you could some how force yourself to not become comfortable and normal and numb to it. What if you somehow force yourself to keep exploring this thing, whatever it may be. You don't let it rest and relax. Then you would discover SO MANY more things about this thing...which would lead to this other thing...and another...

You could take this thing and put it in a different context. Look, taste, feel, hear, see: this thing upside down, outside, inside, under something, over something. Position yourself differently while you experience this thing. All these different environments may effect your perception of this thing.

You could tear this thing apart- analyze its every characteristic- mix and mach and switch its every element-then put it all back together again.

Bring other elements in while experiencing this thing!

Experience this thing at different times of the day! Is it different at 3am from 3pm.

ahhh I'm getting way to excited about this.

I should learn to practice what I preach.

on another note:

I lost my toe nail last night thanks to my grace and elegance in manual-transportation.
That brown discoloration is from a blood clot- not from gross lack of hygiene. Although, I have that as well.


  1. It also seems very cultural. I'm curious as to how much we, as Americans, are affected just from our culture in this sense. Take getting tired of eating chicken every night...how much of that is naturally human or culturally instigated? We have signs everywhere pointing to sushi or Italian cuisine or outback steakhouse and the list goes on and on and on. It is kind of pathetic when we complain about food and what choices we have cause obviously we have more than ever before. I guess I want to talk to someone like a farmer back in the early 1900s and ask how they felt about eating eggs, corn, and strawberries everyday and never changing much (or something like that). And another thing I want to know is if we somehow train ourselves to think this way...or to an extent. The market (our culture) definitely tells us to buy it, use it, get rid of it, then get a new one....a BETTER one! Do we more easily fall into getting tired of something because we subconsciously/consciously anticipate moving on to something newer/better which seems to be our societies expertise? Ahh kinda gettin sidetracked and I'll stop before I go off on other tangents. I just want to know how big culture plays in this train of thought.

    By the way, the picture of the nail is much more graphic than the actual one you showed me. Ouch...