Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good

Pause playlist. Play video.

So I have these shoes right. And well, everyone basically hates them- but me, because I love them. My mom especially abhors them. She told me that if I brought them to college that they'd make Gbrilla not want to be my roommate because I'd smell her out of the room. (although, that would never happen because Gbrilla is the girl that takes pictures of huge turds in the women's bathroom toilet...then again, it was quite monumental) ANYWAY... my mom says that she wants to get my shoes bronzed and framed. But, I just CAN'T seem to part from them. I thought maybe it was going to happen this winter. I hadn't been wearing them...but then...yesterday.... I spotted them in the mix of shoes I never wear and oh how they shined. They were calling out to me "jaaamiiieeeeee, we're beautiful and you loooveee us" and I thought "your riiiiighttt" and so I slipped them on my feet and magically peace spread all over the world, a cure for AIDs was discovered, and I stopped biting my fingernails (bc that will never happen) actually I just went about my day thrilled about the look of my feet.

These shoes, you will all come to find, are quite disgusting. I've gone through about 5 different walmart soles, I cannot wear them when it rains because there are holes in the bottom and sides and when they get wet they dry really hard. They don't actually "fit" on my foot...they just kind of hang out around the front top of my foot. It's a gross kind of love.

Maybe I'll find an semi-adequate substitute one day.
Maybe I'll start looking.

oh shoesies how we've been through so much together.
I love thee.




p.s. I know I'll get a foot disease, but at least we'll be together.

p.s.s. I just ran across this video.

You should watch it, and sign the petition.


  1. i love those shoes. I have shoes like that too. my boyfriend nathan has the Rowley XL2 shoe and VANS Stopped making them.. he had them for 4 years and cant find them anymore. sign his petition to vans :

  2. 1. You are ridiculous.
    2. You wear those damn shoes more than the boots you searched everywhere for online.
    3. You showed me the turd first!
    4. This song is going to be stuck in my head for weeks. Thanks a lot.