Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm sitting at small table who's dressed with dirty white table cloth. We all had a pasta and pesto, fresh tomatoe salad, fresh bread, goat cheese and red wine lunch here a few hours ago. The table and I are alone now, we're both shaded by a nice medium sized walnut tree who's bark is covered in pale fleshy cracks that look like streatch marks. Flies are singing all around me. I've become almost immune to their annoying capabilities. It's hot, but the wind is cool. My nails are dirty and I've been swimming in natural pools and streams almost everyday since I've been in France. It's a beautiful life.

So much so that while picking potatos today I ran into what must have been the wolf spider maternity ward. They weren't very large for wolf spiders, just about quarter size. When we first got here we discovered that our cabin was full of various spiders. Ofcourse, I grabbed the broom and sent them all to arachnid heaven so that I could sleep and dream peacefully. So, to make up for my selfish acts of murder I helped out these despirate mother wolf spiders. I had disturbed their habitat and separated them from their egg sacs by accident. I saw one frantically looking around, trying to dig into the soil with no luck. I started to dig around and vuah-la (I should know how to spell that because I'm in France, but I don't) I found her white puffy eggsack and scooted it next to her. She seemed immensely pleased, crawled on top of it, grabbed it somehow and ran off. I was twice successful finding the mothers their babies. It felt really good.


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  1. Glad your enjoying france! cant wait to see you!
    <3 Tasha