Monday, April 25, 2011

I eat a lot of dark chocolate these days.

Yesterday I had to work all day. Since I couldn't be home with my family enjoying some amazing FOOD, and playing in swimming pools with my little cousins, running on the levee with other little cousins, picking clovers with still more tiny cousins, play fighting with my brother, and giving Cecilia an infinite amount of kisses, I might as well have been at the Lady and Sons...right?

So, I went up to this table of three older ladies and talked about hoecakes. Old ladies can be pretty awesome, specially the one that dined in her mumu. But she wasn't among these ladies. Anyway. One of the three started to compliment my hair and how curly and great she thought it was. She asked me if it was natural (that same day I actually got asked if I was a mixed girl because of how curly my hair is), then she asked me how I get it cut.

Then I told her I was letting it grow out from shaving it.

Then all three of the ladies got quiet and had really straight shocked faces for a second.

It was real great. and funny.
Later that day I talked to the same three ladies about salt and pepper and seasoning food before you even taste it. Apparently if a person seasons their food before tasting it, it's a sign that they are set in their ways.

Here are some camels.

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