Tuesday, November 2, 2010

black coffee

I've discovered that black coffee is better than coffee with cream.

Even though its clearing up outside now, and the blue sky is starting to peak through the grey clouds; it was dreary this morning. The light is cool and clean feeling. I makes colors look very separate and bold. i think. So to procrastinate I decided to take really close up pictures of my face.

Nose bumps and nose fuzzies:


Mouths are interesting. Especially lips. ESPECIALLY tongues. There's this artist who does these mouth/tongue/spit bubble drawings using colored pencils. She puts these mouths on things like chicken bodies and...other random things. AND THEY ARE AMAZING. But, I can't remember her name or find her anywhere on the internet. So...if you see something like this. LET ME KNOW!!?

Also, have you ever sat in front of a mirror and just moved and rolled your tongue around? Do it...its interesting.


Lip wrinkles and a string of spit:


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