Friday, April 23, 2010


I should be doing research for my Fibers homework.
But I just had an interesting conversation with Taylor and I want to share my thoughts.



Trees are an accumulation of dead things. Dead things decay and biodegrade into the ground, giving the earth nutrients. Tree roots feed off of the nutrients in the soil helping them to grow. So therefore the tree out side of your house is comprised of many a dead furry thing, dead winged noisy thing, and possibly dead mostly hairless selfish thing. (yes I'm referring to humans with that last one) The leaf you just stepped on could be part of your cousin Vinnie's left pinky. You know know. That's interesting.

That brings me to humans dieing. People put SO MUCH MONEY...SOOO MUCH MONEY into funerals. WHY?!?! YOUR DEAD. It's completely silly to me.

The money is spent on a fancy smancy casket made to fit your DEAD body (that has no feelng) comfortably and it's NOT biodegradable. No one's going to see this elaborately decorated carved casket...Your body is lifeless and cannot appreciate it...Isn't it your soul or spirit that lives on anyway? Do you really think it's going to hang out there for the rest of it's time? Doubtful...Again, this casket is not biodegradable... in this case it's good that it's not biodegradable because the body in this over-expensive useless casket is pumped with poisonous embalming fluids that would harm the earth if it were to. WHY? We get all this nasty stuff pumped into us for what reason??

Shouldn't we instead help our earth by giving her ourselves when we are dead?I mean... we are dead..what else are we good for? Why don't we let our bodies decay and biodegrade into the earth which will give nutrience to her soil and help her to grow.

Instead we have to continue to be selfish because we don't want our DEAD bodies to get eaten by worms...because that's "disgusting."

So instead of these expensive caskets and harmful preserving fluids...Why not just go all we're suppose to... Just get buried directly in the ground..and if you want we can put you in a nice biodegradable cloth or a simple biodegradable wooden box and let the earth have her way with you. We are raping her as it is anyway...

oooh man.


  1. true dat! haha! I want to be cremated anyways. But I wouldn't mind being buried in a biodegradable cloth with little maggots eating me either. I definitely don't want a sad boring funeral in a church or in a home with makeup and a nice dress and sad organ music...shit's pathetic.

  2. for real!!!! I totally agree. I want to be buried in the ground with a tree planted on top of my body :)

  3. but you have to think about how then our bodies and toxins will work theyre way into our water systems and then you'd be drinking dead people...thats disgusting.... clearly the only soultion is to just vanish or float around as space junk.