Thursday, March 4, 2010

cold house=cold toiletseat= :(

ZERO 7. If you don't. You should....I'm serious.

It's 241. I just finished a project in less than one day when it use to take me all weekend. It's interesting how when you do something so many times you get so much faster at it.

So as I was driving today I started thinking about the music I was listening to. I found this station that plays some nice jazz music every now and again...that's not what was on but what WAS on reminded me about all of the different music I listen to these days. Which reminded me of this idea that I have about how the things we like evolve over time. The Jamie 3 years ago probably would not like the music of today's Jamie. Even Zero 7. (go figure) Actually, the first time I heard Zero 7 I thought they were "okay" and actually it was mostly because I just wasn't into the vocals. and now...I'M IN LOVE WITH THE VOCALS. And I think I know how this evolution takes place.
I feel like I've already dealt with this subject in an earlier blog. But I'm just going to deal with it again.

Lets say you start off listening to music A. You love music A. Then you get introduced to music B and you like it too because it has elements of music A. BUT it also has elements of music C but you don't really take not of those C-esque elements right away because you are listening to music B because of its A-like qualities. Then you start really digging music B and you get introduced to music C. Now, music C has little to not elements of music A. But you like music C because it has those music B qualities. But realize...that while in the beginning when you were SO into music probably wouldnt have really enjoyed music C so much..let alone music D or E.
And sometimes you get introduced to music F when your realllly getting into music C. Maybe you say "eh music F is okay" but you put it to the side. Then one day. BAM music F is your wooorllld because the evolution chain finally reached music F.

I'm tellin ya. It happens. And all of my favorite (or at one time favorite) bands started out as bands I did not like. Then somehow I came back to them later and loved them.

This is Dexter.

This is my cereal.


I was walking back from my fibers class one day and I found these two "seed pod" things.





"It is real, see, stick your finger in it." I just find this really interesting.

And this really amazing and beautiful. I enjoy the faintness of his halo. And his old-man-ness.

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