Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Greek Afro

In my Survey of Western Art I class, we just finished covering Greek and Roman art. While taking a break from studying yesterday evening, I decided to look up sculpture from those time periods. (what a break) Wellllllah. While searching for these sculptures I came something verrryyy interestingggg.

The first "pro-life monument to birth," entitled "Monument to Pro-Life."

What could be the subject of this cause-based work of art? None other than Britney Spears provocatively sprawled out on all fours on a bear skinned rug, in the process of giving birth to her first son Sean Preston.

Now, this is old news by now. 2006 I believe.
But I'm new to here's the story.

Edward says "Britney provides inspiration for those struggling with the right choice, She was #1 on Google last year, with good reason--people are inspired by the beauty of a pregnant woman."

Although, now everyone in Hollywood is pregnant....and I don't thing people were Googling Britney to see how beautiful she looked pregnant.

The sculputre is an idealized depiction of Britney giving birth. Her breasts are large and lactiferous, her hips are widened and in the air, around the back you can see the crown of baby Sean's head coming out of her vaj.

I think the bear skinned rug gives it a nice touch. I had no idea what it symbolized-maybe a mother and her cub, bear hugs are suppose to be strong and loving--maybe?, Bears are depicted soft and cuddly, hmm actually it says that the bear rug is there because prior to her pregnancy Britney did pin up and was positioned on all fours croping the head of a bear skinned rug.

Anywho, he says that personally he is neither pro-life or pro-choice and that the sculpture is not meant to be political...

I just thought it was an interesting subject...and its a pretty cool sculpture.



So before I found this.
I was searching these ::




Oh maaannnn those FOLDS! ahhh. I could stare at those flowy-rhythmic-fabric folds all day. So gorgeous, so amazing, I want to do that.
oh man.


And I thought that this Greek man with an afro was rockin' it.
It looks like ground meat.


  1. the greek fro reminds me of when you put clay through a garlic press
    ...that baby thing at the bottom of the second statue creeps me out!

  2. haha, the baby thing is Venus. Augustus supposedly traced his family line back to her.
    woop survey I!