Wednesday, February 4, 2009


okay, so. Yesterday I learned that a white room makes people more stupid by 12 points.
Why are all classrooms painted white!? My color theory professor was talking about color and psychology. There were studies done on room color and IQ scores. Supposedly, White, Black, and Brown rooms lower IQ scores and Orange, Yellow-Green, Yellow, and Light-Blue stimulate and heighten scores.

I was personally reintroduced to something that I learned back in science class some years ago. While riding my bike in 39 degree weather (Georgia humidity and insane wind in account for) I noticed that my ears started to hurt. It felt like I had just re-gauged my ears all of a sudden. So, as I was riding along with pain in my ears, I obviously started to think about my throbbing ears..and then I realized. when objects get cold THEY CONTRACT. and when they get hot the expand. The skin around my gauges were shrinking! That's just like in the winter when your door gets harder to shut. The door frame shrinks which makes you have to slam the door. ahh haaaa.

I also saw this curious looking man. He was bald on the top and had almost full dark hair on the sides. He had some kind of ear protection on along with a long tan trench coat with dark chocolate brown buttons. He was walking across the street in the opposite direction of me carrying this really elaborate bag. It matched his outfit and was like a large scale uber expensive woman's purse.


my title has nothing to do with the body. it's just stuck in my head.


  1. That's correct about the contraction and expansion. And now every time I ride a bike in cold weather, I'll think about your ears hurting, haha.

  2. haha :)
    So can I ask how you came across my blog?
    I appreciate you reading!!!! :D