Friday, November 14, 2008

The Begining

I contemplated on weather or not to start a blog.
But I want to.
So I am.

I don't know if anyone will ever read it...but okay.

I plan to post things that I get interested in from day to day.

For example:
I get really excited about certain music I get introduced to.
One week I was pretty into researching things about Sisyphus.
Yesterday I discovered this culture of people.. or unorganized organization of people called "The Rainbow Family"
etc etc etc.

Plus, I wanted a place to display any art that I make or sewing tid-bits that I create. (woop rhyme)

although.. I do have a deviantart account, Artbistro account, craftster account.
okay but that's all besides the point some how.

Well, I'd like to start this blog off with the Rainbow Family.

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow -- Old Native American Prophecy

I stumbled upon this while researching for my 2d design final. (I'm getting inspiration for clothes designs from hobos, bohemians, vagabonds..etc) and I remembered my NOCCA photo teacher telling me that she called the kids that lived on the streets and hung around the river walk, "rainbow people." So, when I typed that in on Google. vualah!

The Rainbow Family is supposedly the "largest non-organization of non-members in the world. [they] have no leaders, and no organization." Although the rainbow family means different things to different people, most can be considered non violent people who believe strongly in love and peace. Any and all races are welcome. Most borrow traditions from Native American tribes.

Each year they travel to some national park (July 1-7)to gather together and pray for world peace. (This year they are going to New Mexico.) According to "The struggle to grow as a family and live in a world that forces you to choose between temptations and living your values is a challenge. The annual international gatherings are a way to regain our values and regenerate our love for ourselves, and our world. Faith in humanity and human esteem are essential if we are to survive as humans; faith in humanity is restored at Rainbow Gatherings." Everyone is welcome and it is free, but camping supplies and supplies for a kitchen are recommended. They provide food for everyone, which is handed out in soup kitchens in bulk. Donations are accepted and that's how things are paid for. Nothing is to be bought or sold at the gatherings. Only traded.

It started out to be a small gathering of people in Colorado in 1972, but has now grown to be 20000 strong. Although the main focus is spiritual, one member of the family, Carla, says that "In the past few years, the spiritual focus has been less obvious, due to the huge influx of people who may not realize the central purpose of the gatherings. These folks may come to party, to hang out, to find like-minded people, to gain support for their political causes, or whatever."

Now, I have never met any of the Rainbow Family or experienced anything that deals with this "organization." I've only just stumbled upon this and have been researching a little... and although it may look like 'just a bunch of hippies gathering together and smoking a bunch of pot and dropping acid,' I personally don't believe that's what it's all about. (oh im sure it happens) but I belive its definitley more...I'm very intrigued by these people, and how spiritual they seem and it makes me really happy.

"Picture twenty thousand people in a sunlit meadow, standing silent in prayer, holding hands in one huge, unbroken circle. Picture a parade of children approaching, singing songs, their countenances bright with enthusiasm and face paint, baloons and banners waving in the breeze. Picture the breaking of the silence with a cheer from the circle, then the silence returning once again, to grow slowly into a thrum of voices united in a single OM reverberating through the valley and on to the hills beyond. Hold the OM in your mind. Let it spread through and around and in you. Feel it pass from hand to hand and heart to heart." - Carla





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