Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alex Grey

So... When I was first introduced to Alex Grey's work, I was a bit skeptical. I had mostly just seen his work on "The Sacred Mirrors"....I wasn't a huge fan of how perfectly anatomically correct and lean his figures were and how they looked so much like medical illustrations over all. (although I later found out that he studied at Harvard Medical School for 5 years working in the anatomy department...and used much of what he learned there on his figures) ...But I was brought back to him tonight while I was looking up artwork. I guess maybe tonight I was just more willing to sit down and really LOOK at all of his work (not just 1 here 1 there), READ what he has to say about his work, and LEARN about his concepts. To appreciate this artist's work, the viewer must know how Alex Grey feels about his work, what motivates and inspires him. The viewer has to understand that each piece is a part of a larger whole. Sure, its easy to acknowledge a piece of art as something visually pleasing without knowing anything about or behind it. It's easy to say "oh hey woah that looks awesome" But, for me at least, coming to understand why he's painting, what he's painting for, even just the titles of the pieces! his work an even bigger "wow-factor." They suck me into this world of transcendence...of magical spiritual amazingness (I should get some new adjectives)... It's as though... If you were to close your eyes and envision what it would be like if you could see all of the energy and the feeling radiate from within you and out past you and then to others...that is Alex Grey's work. its amazing!

I stumbled on to what I think is an Artist's Statement about his work with "The Sacred Mirrors"
and I really like what he said...

In a cosmos of billions of galaxies,
In a galaxy of billions of stars,
There's a Planet with billions of people-
The only one we know of-
And every breath we breathe is a miracle.
Our hearts pump.
We see.
We feel.
We taste.
We touch our world.
And sometimes we forget the pure wonder of our brief journey on the earth.
My life is committed to making artwork that wakes people up to the miracle of life,
the value of being human,
and the transformative power of love.
There are moments when we see hehind the opaque curtain of life, when the infinite One shines through the skin of the beloved and we recognize the game we are in, the journey we are on, the powerful beings that we are and the truth that is worth living for.

Click this link: to see the Sacred Mirrors.

And now I'll show some of my favorite pieces, but I encourage everyone to go to his website and view his work in bulk as a full concept.




I you see how completely amazing this is?




So yeah, I just thought I'd share my new appretiation for Alex Grey.


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  1. Alex Grey is fucking amazing!! A true visionary.

    (Heres my comment on your blog and not on myspace!)