Wednesday, July 13, 2011

uhm, London.

So this life has been very interesting for the past four it always is I guess.

It starts with me finding out that my boss is a female after calling her mister for the last seven months through email up until now where about five minutes ago I had a beer at a brewery by myself because I have no friends in London. It was awkward.

But I'm at an internet cafe now. Paying to use 30 min of internet. Money is more expensive here and coins are used alot more it feels like money is a lot cheaper. That's where they get you. sneaky sneaky Brits. Not to mention a Chai Latte is £3..not to bad it seems..except that really means almost $6...but not totally..i don't have time to do the math, remember I only have 30 minutes.

anyway. In Dallas I met this great lady from Belgum who had great shoes. On the HUGE plane to London I met a wonderful lady named Jane from England. She was great. We chatted alot about things and food. Apparently the US puts sugar in EVERYTHING. I haven't had much room to compare with foods just yet... I've only eaten sandwiches carrots and an orange...and chai lattes....jet lag?

anywho. Then I broke my good hedphones on the plane. We had tv on the plane, and blankets and a small pillow. Here's a few tips, wear pants on a plane and have a sweater accessable and always unplug your headphones before you get out of the seat. OH! and I finally used the airplane toilet. Nothing too special.

This might be getting kind of boring.

Oh but then, the journey goes even more down hill from breaking my headphones. Turns out the UK are real sticklers for who they let across their boarders. I had to wait about 45 minutes in a line to get my passport checked and then I got asked 20 questions about why I was entering the UK and then I got detained...for six a waitingroom hidden in the airport...where I got my mug shot taken (which I have copies of and is quite funny because I smiled real big) and my fingerprints taken, and I got interviewed. It was great...not really. It was terrible. The asked me questions like "where is your internship? do you have the number? so you've never spoken to these people? Only through email?" shit. Is my internship a hoax. Am I that gullable and stupid. WHAT AM I DOING?! So I sat back in this room. I did get two free sandwiches, some cookes and some water. The people were real nice. But it was terrible really. I really thought I was getting deported. The two men that were in the room before me got deported, so what was I to think..specially when the lady with the really great accent told me that a girl in my case got sent back a few weeks earlier. Thanks great accent lady. So, I destracted myself by reading a Eat Pray Love. I know I'm ranting...there's no real thought put into this and no real point exept to let people know what's happening with me since I have no real connection to the US right now.

Which actually feels kind of great. I never look at my phone! But I miss you all. A lot.

So, I got out of the hold in the airport and FINALLY got to see some daylight.. FINALLY. after SIX HOURS. And I met another great girl on a train who told me about how she never saved money ever. One day she has 10 thousand and the next few days it's gone. wait what?

let's take a moment.

But she showed me the way to my train, and even gave me an oystercard and showed me how to top it up. crazy.

I have nine minutes left.

So I found my flat. It's infested with tiny roaches. awesome. and I forgot to grab my blanket set... so I slept on the bare most springy mattress ever and used my jacket as a pillow. I ended up having to use another sweater over my head and my yoga pants half way up my legs to cover the rest of my legs because I didn't bring pants............

It was great.

I found out in the morning that there's no way for me to get internet in my room and there is no wifi...and I didn't know how to get to my work. awesome.

A nice man in a news store let me use his computer. I found it.
Public transportation is weird. NO ONE TALKS TO ANYONE. And everyone runs to the next tube even though the tubes are around every 5 minutes or so. It's real strange.

So once I got to Kings Road I had to find Burnsall St. Another nice man helped me do that. (who said people in England are rude?!) So, I found it, except all this time I thought the adress was 8.... I get to 8 and there's a huge red warning sign on the door and I hear hammering on the inside. No Christopher Farr.


But then I realized that the adress was 6 and not 8. And I met Michal, a wonderful lady. My internship is great. It's going to be a lot of business and less design. But I'm okay with that. I'm real excited and it's in a great location.

BUT I'M ITCHING TO WALK AROUND THIS CITY. So far I've only been on the street of my flat, underground, and a litte on Kings Road. Saturday. It's gonna happen.

So that's been my life. Oh, and I get to pay for water. awesome. the tap isn't drinkable. awesome.

But I'm happy. Me and my ham and cheese sandwiches, expensive water, no internet or phone, roaches, and appliances that I keep breaking and burning up are having a great time.


  1. glad you having a good time. things will get better love and miss you, nanny

  2. Michal and Christopher are females? Also, I hope it gets better for you! My uncles lived in London in their youth for internships also and had to share tubs when taking baths with other residents in the building cause clean water was scarce, so I guess it could be worse.

  3. awwww:( Please speak to someone about those roaches. You seem to be adjusting in pretty well. I'm sure that with your personality you,ll have bunches of friends real soon. enjoy, live, eat, drink, and follow your dreams!! LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! momma

  4. Seems like you're having a rough start,boo...but I know you will take it all in stride., and soon you will be having the time of you life...LOVE YOU MUCH!!MAW-maw

  5. Ok Im way too jealous, even the roaches seem glamourous. That first night must have been so much fun, even without blankets, just the feeling of being in that so foreign a place with nothing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! any way you have fun exploring! Oh and if you get the chance would you find me some dirt, bottle it up and bring it back for me?-nathan :]