Monday, December 27, 2010

So I got this hat for Christmas. It's grey, jersey on the outside fleece on the inside. It has a face like raccoon, and ears too. It also covers my ears and tapers into these brades on each side. It keeps my head warm, and looks awesome too.

Remember cup phones? Well, I don't think I ever actually did them as a kid. Maybe I did? I don't remember. But, apparently the sound travels through the string and is amplified through the cup right? Like a phone.

Well, I was sitting on my bed, playing with the brades (which have tassel ends) and I could hear the touch of my fingertips like I was rubbing my ears! You should read that last sentence again for emphasis. I'd retype it but I'm using my phone and I'm too lazy.

Oh the wonders.

P.s. Cordyceps fungi.

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