Thursday, July 1, 2010

Neil Young. Old man.

I guess "i before e except after c" doesn't work with Neil. He says "pshhhhhhhhhhh" on that crap. This song has been stuck in my head all day. OLD MAN TAKE A LOOK AT MY LIFE, I'm a lot like youuuu were.

So I like when I can relate happenings in my life to Annie Dillard. I guess I end up contemplating what she tells me and then connections form, but I like to think that it's all just a great coincidence that I get these thoughts.. and remember that Annie just thought it too. (in her book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

So I'm about to post pictures from the day of the 2 great events. One of which has to do with bald eagles. Actually it's possible that BOTH events have to do with bald eagles because I picked up some unidentified feathers that may very well be eagle feathers. Probably not. But I can pretend.

ANY way. I was thinking about these guys. Observe.

okay before you observe. I have a good point to make. Our guide on the 2nd great event, the float trip down the Snake river, explained to us that the reason the eagles didn't fly away, and the reason that most animals spotted on the trip do not run away, is because these animals do not recognize us as humans because they cannot see our legs. So instead of humans in a boat, they'd just see us as this large thing covered in orange dots (life jackets) floating down the river. HOW INTERESTING IS THAT! So on a side note, I'm wondering if a person dresses up as a caterpillar and squirms through the woods, would the animals run away? I'm also wondering, if a person dresses up in a suit that has 5 legs and walks through the woods, would the animals run away? I'm also wondering, if this is right at all. (I'm going to believe it's right...)BUT I noticed something. Observe.




These guys face the boat the entire time! So I feel like they know something is different about this log floating down the river. They are watching...because they have something to protect. Which then brings me to Annie Dillard.:

"Consider the ordinary barnacle, the rock barnacle. Inside every one of those millions of hard white cones on the rocks--the kind that bruises your heel as you bruise its head--is of course a creature as alive as you or I."

as alive as you or I. Suuuureeeee we are creatures of reason. Suuuuureee we are more "developed." Suuuuuureee natural selection. But they are as alive as you or I. and I think that they value their lives too. They don't want to die either. Eat or be eaten.

Dillard goes on to talk about insects that eat their young to stay alive. She brings all of this up to make a point about humans being moral creatures and comments that there are other mammals just so. ((insects are relentless)). She makes a good point "What creator would be so cruel, not to kill otters, but to let them care? It would seem that emotions are the curse, not death..."
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so interestinggggggggggggg.

Amy and I were talking about the language of bikes today. Bike-talk. We were being silly but that whole concept of communication among things other than humans is really fascinating. Those birds have their own language. I wonder what they're talking about. right now.

Here's another guy.



Great event 1. LOOK AT THOSE SUBMERGED TREES. ahh so clear. so beautiful.

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