Tuesday, February 2, 2010

its 341 am.

I think, since life has been relatively going in a weird spiral of confusion (with sporadic revelations intervening [though never fully resolving my confusion]) I will take on Nikki's passage of ten things that make me happy. to remind myself.

one. Extremely hot baths in cold weather. Or just bath/shower time in general. It's my only place to really relax these days.

two. The rain. The SOUND of rain. It's so calming. So perfect. Especially on a late night (like tonight) as I'm going to sleep. And of course the FEEL of the rain as it beats down on you. ahhh :)

three. Being reassured that I'm going the right direction and discovering myself as I mosey on down that path.

four. Being inspired. Coming up with ideas. Achieving "success" through those ideas.

five. That feeling I get when I listen to music that REALLY TOUCHES me. Like the guitar solos in Pink Floyd's Animals or today when I heard Etta James's voice and some really bluesy-heavy feedback Hendrix. ahhhhhhhh you don't even know.

six. A hot cup of tea. (of which I drink probably at least 6 or more a day at this rate)

seven. Discovering new animals to add to my list. Like the teacup pig. I will now type out my list:
1. Sphynx (definitely going to happen) 2. Cow 3. White Terrier (the most normal probably)
4. Silkies 5. Komondor 6. Alpaca 7. Toad 8. Teacup Pig

eight. Finding feathers

nine. My little ceramic heater. He saves me.

ten. drawing when I'm not required to do so.

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  1. JLK@J#L:IJ!!!

    Silkiess areee... :OOOooo.