Thursday, January 7, 2010


I found something that kind of describes me.

All sidewalks end, eventually

Who yields respect for the man who is stopped in his tracks?
The man who stands at the crossroads with nary a plan?
The same man who is willing to trek, to reach his perplexed end.
He who took the steps, led by his own thoughts, yet to be professed.
And whilst he stands still, time does not, he remains hopelessly caught.
The dilemma, the magnitude of possibility, confusing his entire entity.
The state of being, being confused, being confused by further questioning.
Of course, he is compelled to decide, both decisions beckon him to their side.
All the while, his guile, being undermined, as if he cannot decide.
For this isn't a question of judgement, or problem solving.
But rather, a question of attraction. because in this brief instance,
slams the whole of life, the deeper understanding, the life lesson;
Take one step one direction, take one step away from the opposite direction.
The snowball gains girth in its perpetual motion.
If this is true, then why, ever, would anyone settle for grey?
In a world of extremes, in a forked road, there is no middle, or is there?
Originality gleams clear through the veil of delusion;
well, that must be it, to make your own passage.
But, then, an old friend reminds us of the end at hand;
if taking one step one direction, means stepping astray from the other,
then taking a step my own way, means I am truly lost, lost from convention.
And, then, one path would be befriended. Who would I find at my end?
The logic that stems;
You can only be ally to one half of the world, enemy to the other half.
For enemies, i would like it to be the fools, but fools is so subjective,
even under my umbrella of the word, I might fall under its shade.
And for friend, I have only the unknown, the dark, the black.
A place, where i might, still, fall under the shade of umbrella, I risk being a fool to myself;
perhaps, even an enemy, and what would that leave me?
And still, my dilemma never ends, and still, here I am;
with only the sun, as an allegory.

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